belly wall

Belly Wall 

170 x 153 x 30 cm | 2016

Parts of bellies of different people as building blocks are assembled on top of each other. The landscapes of bellies show with the navel as the deepest point, a body and block taken together. Each belly is depicted in a positive and negative form.


People build many walls as protection against nature. It seems that they have forgotten that they are part of it. We don’t want to feel vulnerable and the belly is our most vulnerable part of the body, without the protection of ribs or bones…


Feeling the belly gives information about ourselves, about how we feel, and about our intuition and instincts. Our physical knowledge convey different experience of the notion our selves and our environment. They represent so much of our inner being. The physical knowledge is as building blocks of the society. There is so much more than what we comprehend with our brains, because we are so much more than just our mind and our body.


This work has been made using the most modern and traditional techniques, composed of clay (stoneware), fired (1220 temperature) and glazed on 1040 temperature.